30 Charming Vintage DIY Projects for Timeless and Classic Decor

Ever since the rustic look went mainstream, vintage decor has never been more popular. If you love this look but don’t have a fortune to spend creating your own version of it, then keep reading! You will find thirty-one projects that you can easily make yourself to give your home a vintage feel. These projects won’t take up too much of your time or cost too much money, but the results you get will be impressive.

Some of these projects are decorative and will give your home lots of great atmosphere. Others also have that great vintage look, but also provide practical solutions such as storage. No matter what your needs, you will find something you can use here! So get your crafting space ready, because once you have started on one of these great projects, you just might find yourself wanting to do them all.

1. Vintage PlatesFind old


Decorative plates at thrift stores and garage sales, or raid your grandparents’ attic. Use them to cover an entire wall for a homey, vintage look that will cost you next to nothing. Find the instructions: Here

2. Wooden Crates Boot Rack


3. Vintage Drawer


Any cardboard box can become useful again when you use it to make a storage drawer like this one. You wouldn’t think such a beautiful item would be so easy to make, and you can use it to store small items or simply to add ambience. Find the instructions: Here

4. Photo Pendant


This type of jewelry has been popular for centuries since it makes your loved ones feel close to you. If it’s not quite your style, consider making it as a gift for someone who loves this look. Find the instructions: Here

5. Vintage Music Box


Create a music box from an old book for an interesting twist on an old classic. You can get many different looks depending on what type of book you use, and it will make a very unique part of your decor. Find the instructions: Here

6. Lace Balls


If you love the look of decorating with balls, then try this craft. Lace doilies are attached to a balloon with spray glue. When it dries, the balloon can easily be deflated and removed, leaving a beautiful lace ball. These can be made in any size depending on how big you blow up the balloon. Find the instructions: utterlyengaged, instructables

7. Decoupage Tabletop


Cover the top of any table, desk or counter with pages from vintage books (not valuable ones!) You could even create a table runner this way. You can use text-only pages or find a book with illustrations to add more interest. Find the instructions: Here

8. Distressed Furniture


If you have any furniture that is looking tired, freshen it up with a coat of paint and then give it that vintage look by distressing the edges. It’s easy to do and will give your sturdy, wooden pieces a new lease on life. Find the instructions: Here

9. Tinted Glass Jars


Coloured glass jars from the early twentieth-century are beautiful, and you can recreate that look by simply adding dye to any interesting glass jars you can find. Put them in a window to let the sun make them sparkle. Find the instructions: Here

10. Vintage Keys


Use some old keys to add a vintage feel to any room. Painting them will give them a cohesive look with each and the rest of your decor. Find the instructions: Here

11. Lettered Dishes


Use some old dishes to let your creativity flow. Add some antique-style lettering to give them an old-fashioned charm. You can use random letters, your favorite words or quotations, or even your initials. Find the instructions: Here

12. Jewelry box


Make a jewelry box that is not only functional, but adds to your decor. It looks so sweet that nobody would guess that it was made from a container of Pringles. Find the instructions: Here

13. Lace Frame Jewelry Holder


This beautiful piece of decor is not only easy to make, but it’s so lovely that your children will be passing it down. All you need is some of your favorite lace and a picture frame. You can use it do display anything, but it looks great with some vintage costume jewelry, and even better if it’s a family heirloom. Find the instructions: Here

14. Pallet Organizer


You can usually find pallets in good condition for free, so this is the most inexpensive wall organizer you will ever find. It has plenty of storage and looks fabulous as well. Find the instructions: Here

15. Crate Storage


If you still have crates leftover from your last project, this is another great way to use them. Vintage crates look sweet, but if you can only find new ones, they will look nice as well. Find the instructions: Here

16. Wooden Spools


These wooden spools you can make yourself will add an instant hit of vintage charm to your decor. Use them all around your house! Find the instructions: Here

17. Teacup Tealights


You may never use good china, but this is a great way to display a few teacups that you love. They will add that old-world charm to any room. Find the instructions: Here

18. Lace Lace Lace


Lace always adds a vintage flair to any decor, and it looks classy doing it. Use this simple craft to decorate any table or surface. Find the instructions: Here

19. Pallet Shelf


This shelf and organizer made from a pallet would be great in any entryway. It gives a vintage look while happily keeping your coats off the floor and your mail tidy. Find the instructions: Here

20. Suitcase Nightstand


Old suitcases are usually incredibly sturdy, so stack them up and top them with a glass tray to create a great nightstand. Another benefit is that you can use the suitcases for a hidden storage space. Find the instructions: Here

21. Suitcase Decor



If you have more suitcases to use, this project creates some great decor for your home that gives it a vintage feel. Find the instructions: Here

22. Window Display


This idea re-uses an old window to create a wonderful display for your wall. It is lovely decor and recycling at the same time. Find the instructions: Here

23. Shop Light Lantern


Use an old shop light to creat this beautiful lantern that can be used indoors or even on your porch to welcome visitors. Find the instructions: Here

24. Vintage Wall Art


This easy project simply uses a painted picture frame backed with burlap. Use botanical or other period-type art to make it feel even more vintage. Find the instructions: Here

25. Vase Stand


This vase stand is simple to make, but gives you a great look. It also provides a nice place for you to display a vintage vase! Find the instructions: Here

26. Paper Rolls


If you’re looking for a craft to do with your kids, this is a great one. It’s very simple, but the outcome gives a lovely vintage feel to your home. Find the instructions: Here

27. Wall Coverings


These rustic-style wall coverings are made from old shutters. Use your creativity to make this project your very own style. Find the instructions: Here

28. Boxwood Wreath


A wreath never goes out of style since it uses natural objects. This one not only looks great, it’s very easy to make as well. Find the instructions: Here

29. Suitcase Decor…Again


Here is another way to use suitcases in your home decor. Choose the right suitcases, and they will match any room in your house. Find the instructions: Here

30. Candle holders


These vintage-style candle holders are made with only glass jars, burlap and lace. They can be used for any season and also make great gifts. Find the instructions: Here

31. Vintage toys


Old toys such as trucks or wooden toys are great choices for a vintage display, because we all know they don’t make them like they used to! Find the instructions: Here

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