Learn How To Remove Gradation Nail Polish Within 4 Easy Steps.

All the women community are fashion conscious and it has no doubt at all.And sometime in a busy schedule they often forget to do some basic thing like hair styling ,nail polishing etc. If you have no time so that hack only for you .you only need to spend only few seconds to removing your nail polish. Seriously, it takes less than five minutes to whip together, and you probably already have everything on hand.
You’ll need:
• A sponge (opt for a natural sponge if you can)
• A glass container (not plastic!)
• Nail polish remover, or acetone if you need something stronger
• Scissors
• An X-ACTO or utility knife

Let’s get started!
1. First, you want to cut the sponge to fit.15101It should be slightly bigger than the container so that it fits snugly.

2. Next, you’re going to make the hole for your nail.102
Using the utility knife, carefully cut an X into the sponge all the way through. You should be able to stick your finger through it.

3. Put the sponge into the container.



We’re almost there! It should be snug.



4. Add the nail polish remover.
Let it soak into the sponge. Add more if you need — just make sure the whole sponge is wet.

And last put your nail into the mixture to remove polish.105Try yourself for perfection!

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